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NESSLER Scientific is a well established Indian manufacturer and supplier of high quality scientific instruments and Lab equipments and has been trading from last 25 years.

Today we are producing vast range of educational and laboratory products for India as well as abroad. Today we are giving products in India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and internationally Africa, Middle East, USA and Europe.

We have chased an unstained avenue of growth despite national and international market. We supply scientific instrumentation to schools, colleges, researchers, Industry, clinicians and trailblazers.

We have global network of sale and service across India and in 18 other countries worldwide.

Our achievements: Our Designs, packaging, Instruction manuals, enclosure, colour combinations, aesthetic looks, panel designs, even fonts styles copied by so many in the industry in last 25 years

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Nessler is an leading manufacturer and exporter of Electronic Testing Instruments. As a trustworthy Manufacturer and Supplier, we use only high quality raw materials for the production of various Electronic Testing Instruments. The various types of electronic products we provide are CRO, DSO, Function generators, Frequency counter, Power supply (analog, digital, SMPS), HV testers, DC High Voltage Breakdown Tester, Decade resistance box, Digital Lux Meter, Digital Multimeter, Desktop meter (analog and digital), audio oscillator etc.


Nessler offers a comprehensive range of Physics Training Instruments. In our range of Physics Training Instruments, we offer a number of Apparatus, which are required to perform important physics experiments. We deal in Optical Bench set, Spectrometer, Tuning Fork Set, Spectrum Tubes, Van De Graff Generator, Worcester Circuit Board, Westminster Electromagnetic Kit, Force table, Linear AIR track, G by free fall, Ripple Tank, Dynamic Trolley, Kinetic Theory model, Dynamo, components on base such as NPN, PNP, Silicon Diode, Diode Valve, Triode Valve etc., energy conversion kit, Laboratory Trainer Kits/ Electronic Circuit Trainer kit, Magnets and Compass, Effect of Electric Current, Demountable Transformer, Ball and Ring Apparatus, Charles Law Apparatus, LV Power supply, Multioutput power supply, AC/DC power supply, Battery Eliminator, IC regulated power Supply, Auto trip power supply, Energy Meter Demonstration, Rheostats, Wheatstone Bridge, Post Office Box, Decade Capacitance/ Resistance/ Inductance Box, Slotted Masses, Weight Box etc.


We offer a spectrum of laboratory glassware that are extensively used in Science Labs in School, Colleges and Research Institutes. Our products are of best quality and are highly in demand worldwide. Our laboratory glassware are accurate, precise, and well shaped. We specialize in the manufacture of Beakers, flasks, test tubes, measuring cylinders and glass apparatus like water distillation etc.


We are the prominent Manufacturer & Exporter of Biology Models & Charts. We offer a variety of Biology Models & Charts which are used in many Schools and Colleges. Our model contains detailed description and provides illustrations. We offer charts of human physiology, which includes Pelvis, Liver, Heart, Eye, Teeth etc. zoology models including amoeba cell, bacteria, protozoa; specimens and skeletons.


We deal in special range of solar energy kits which are very useful for study of solar energy conversions and domestic use. The solar energy kits manufactured and exported by us are of high quality and are used in many applications. We provide pre-packaged kits, capable of meeting diverse solar power requirements and Hobby. We provide Solar panels, Solar lights, Solar Charge controller, Solar Garden Lights, HOBBY kits like photocell with LED, Solar Cell with Fan, solar energy conversion kit etc.


When it comes to high quality Optical Instruments, Nessler is counted as one of the trusted sources. We provide Optical Instruments which are of high quality and used in all kind of laboratories such as school, college, university, medical, pharmaceutical and metal/ wire production industries. We provide the best quality, competitive price and timely delivery. We offer a wide selection of products like student microscope, medical microscope, pathological microscope, inclined microscope, binocular, ophthalmic, dental, ENT microscope, slit lamp, chart projector, metallurgical microscope, projection microscope, spectrometer, mirror, lenses, and prisms telescope, glass slabs etc.

Nessler Electronics and Scientific Instruments

Factory: 314-315, Phase-2, Sector -2, IGC, HSIIDC, SAHA. Ambala – 133104 INDIA
Mr. Neeraj Bansal (Owner)
Phone: +919812032486
E-mail: sales@nesslerscientific.com

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